resurrection. easter.

For so long I believed 100% the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a historical account of what happened. 

When I was in college, I remember my pastor putting my on blast because I asked the following question. 

"Do I have to believe that Jesus resurrected in order to be a Christian?"

I remember he went up to the pulpit and just grilled me. 

No one knew who he was talking about, but he just went to town about how he felt about my question. 

I felt betrayed and not loved. 

I began to question more than just that resurrection. 

What would happen to you if Jesus never existed? Would you give up the teaching of that way of being, or would you embrace it and encourage others to live the same way?

Face this reality:

No one knows Jesus really existed, its a faith thing, you believe it cause you want to or not. What would happen to your faith if Jesus really existed, but wasnt this supernatural 100% God/ 100% man figure, that he is constantly made out to be?

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  • 3 days ago

Pleasing Strangers

Just wrote an amazing blog on pleasing strangers. 

Since as long as I can remember, I have always just wanted to please people, specifically people that I didn’t know and wanted to win over. 

This mostly comes from insecurities, but it also comes from a place of treating others the way I want to be treated. 

I am at a place now where I not only don’t expect it, but don’t know if I am convinced I would want a complete stranger to please me. 

I have my own friends and family that I want to receive that from, but from a complete stranger, it almost feels like it just might come out of that place of fear and insecurity.  

I am going to try and not worry about pleasing strangers and see how that works for me. I promise to share my experiences -

a. the scenario

b. the options granted to make a decision

c. my decision

In case your wondering, here is the link that inspired this. 

The Bottomless Pit of Pleasing Strangers

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  • 1 week ago


Grace is something i am constantly trying to understand. 

what does life without grace look like?

Some choose to focus on what happens when we die. 

we have several options. 

Man goes to hell

Man goes to heaven

Man rests

Man reincarnates

Man no longer exists

There are several interpretations of this, but they all pretty much fall within one of these ball park ranges. 

Those who believe in Jesus Christ have to pick one of these. 

If God’s grace extends over anything one can know, than how can man possibly 

- go to hell…?

I see all the other options available within grace, but a place where one is damned by God himself…

Let’s wrestle with a few ideas. 

God created everything. 

Hell exists. 

Who created it?

If you are made in the image of God, and you create your own hell, does this means God can create hell?

What if there is a hell, but it has nothing to do with you? What if Jesus and his story is about the fact that God wants to change everything. 

The idea of Jesus opens up a few can of worms. 

1. God was just having fun and decided to throw Jesus into the mix at the time he wanted. 

2. Jesus was a clean up for God’ mistake. 

3. Jesus is one of us who wanted to share a story of freedom. 

4. Jesus is God in the form of man who decided to save us from Him…huh?

5. Jesus is a real dude and the things he said were forced into the understandings of those who were expecting a messiah. 

To be continued.

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My Brother and Role Model

You would think a younger brother looks up to his older brother, that’s not the case here. My brother is 4 years younger than me, and I look up to him (even tho he’s shorter). 

Let me give you 10 reasons why. 

1. He sticks to his word. 

2. He doesn’t take NO for answer, he is moxie. If he wants to do something, he’ll make it happen, a job, car, chick, (back in the day, it was video games and toys.)

3. He’s extremely loyal. He has friends that he’s been with forever and has never double crossed them (or me). 

4. He cares about shit that matters. Easy times, rough times or just shooting the proverbial shit. My 4 am call away. 

5. He’s good at downloading illegal stuff. When I need a movie or software he gives me specific instructions on how to do it, and it works. 

6. He’s adopted many of my friends. It takes skills for your younger brothers to do that, for your friends to like your younger brother more than you, thats something to be proud of. 

7. He wears glasses, that just not only makes him looks smart, gives him better vision than me. 

8. Most people have no idea that he is a poet, a thinker, philosopher and writer. He hides it cause he is busy with other stuff, but when I hear him talk or write, I am in awe with his creative skill. 

9. He is humble. 

10. He loves unconditionally

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I have a difficult time competing. I know it needs to happen or else, I AINT GETTIN NO WHERE. 

Why than, am I not competing? I hate not having answers and sometimes I compete to have an answer, but than that competition is only with myself and what sort of good 





Will someone hand you an opportunity or are you going to have to compete for it? Remember, no one is really going to compete for you. Or will they?

This brings me to a quick question and realization.

If no one competes for me, but if I show someone I will compete for them, will they than compete for you?

If they will, than we have the beginning of a community, and if that multiplies, how strong can you become? 

What if we looked at competing as a community struggle and not a lonely struggle? Lets face it, you can’t do it on your own. No one was born and left to fend for themselves. 

Revisit this idea that “you can make it on your own”, I tried that, and I couldnt. 

Im convinced that if you are good at what you do, its simply because someone competed for you a long time ago, don’t forget that, and start competing for someone else. 

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This weekend I saw Noah and cried several times. 

My friend’s son is in it, and invited a bunch of family and friends to come hang out and watch the movie together at the Archlight in Pasadena. 

As usual I like anything controversial and couldn’t wait to watch it and have an opinion for myself. I usually tend to lean towards accepting anything that most people hate on, so I really tried my best to not like it (I failed). 

Everything about it was cool.

The story line, the imagination, the inconsistency with the Bible (yes I did just say that).

You see, if the film followed the exact book of the bible, it would have been boring. The filmakers added elements that brought the story alive, made it a fantasy, and more glorious that what you can imagine by just reading the old school texts. The symbolism with the snake skin I know, is what freaked everyone out. Get over yourself. 

What if the snake skin siimply means you have the power to decide what you want to do, the way Adam and Eve did in the garden? That is true isn’t it?

What I really loved was how God’s grace extended to the fallen angels, he gave them another chance to do something good, and although he destroyed the world, he saved them. Now THATS not theological at all, but makes you wonder how big God’s grace truly is. 

The movie was about God giving the world another chance and we see mercy and justice throughout the whole thing. 

Twice, the creation story is told and never twisted. 

I dont know, but Chrisitians trippin about it not being “theologically sound”, or “satanic”, get over yourself. 

Do the research, the flood actually never happened, it was a Jewish tale handed down to teach the generations to come that God can mess shit up when it gets bad (justice), but is also down to give second chances (grace), but vowed never to do that again (promises). 

SPOILER ALERT: when russel crowe decides not to kill the babies (mercy)

Take that home to your friends next time they wanna hate on something that opens the door for you to speak about a loving God. 

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My thoughts on rapper Kap G

my boy put me on him a month ago. im ashamed i didnt know about him sooner. i love the dude, he is killing it. doing everything right as a mexican rapper. we know who dominates the game and its not the “tequila sunrise” type, ” cypriss hill” rapper. its the black community.the only ones actually getting a chance are the eminem and halfies (mixed individuals like drake, chris brown etc…).

kap g, put the brown crowd on the map, and thats enough respect. other latino rappers are going to hate and i can see why, but before you hate, remember that you didnt get through and he did. 


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  • 4 weeks ago


im about to hit my 30 this year and im going through what everyone else goes through when they hit it (get ur mind out the gutter). 

i recently read an article about this dude who wrote about what he would have done differently if he was still 30, in his 40’s. 

i wanna give my 2 cents on life between 20-30

1. dont partner up with people on a business level till u got ur own shit crackin.  

2. get drugs, sex and alcohol outa your system asap. that shit will destroy you…. u know what i mean…the rock n roll life style…the reason why ur always broke. 

3. wrestle with your faith and believes so u can move on and just start loving people.  

4. dont let go of ur art. that natural high is ur best friend. 

5. forgive urself and everyone whos wronged u. 

6. join couch surfing. open ur home to strangers.

7. honesty is ur best friend.  

8. connect with friends, dont spam anyone. 

9. wear clothes that makes u feel comfortable, not the shit u think will make u look good. 

10. the golden rule: treat others the way u want to be treated. 

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